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Posted on: July 15, 2014

Travellers International Hotel Group, Inc. (TIHGI) encourages continuous discussion between its senior management and its shareholders, stock brokerage firms, analysts and the investors through one-on-one meetings, conference calls, active participation in investor conferences, non-deal roadshows.

TIHGI also keeps information flowing through an updated corporate website, and regular public disclosures through the Philippine Stock Exchange and Securities and Exchange Commission, media partners and financial publications.


Rights of Stockholders

The Board shall respect the rights of the stockholders as provided for in the Corporation Code, namely:

  1. Right to vote on all matters that require their consent or approval;
  2. Right to inspect corporate books and records;
  3. Right to information;
  4. Right to dividends; and
  5. Appraisal right.

The Board should be transparent and fair in the conduct of the annual and special stockholders’ meetings of the Corporation. The stockholders should be encouraged to personally attend such meetings. If they cannot attend, they should be appraised ahead of time of their right to appoint a proxy. Subject to the requirements of the by-laws, the exercise of that right shall not be unduly restricted and any doubt about the validity of the proxy should be resolved in the stockholders’ favor.

It is the duty of the Board to promote the rights of the stockholders, remove impediments to the exercise of those rights and provide an adequate avenue for them to seek timely redress for breach of their rights.

The Board should take the appropriate steps to remove excessive or unnecessary costs and other administrative impediments to the stockholders’ meaningful participation in meetings, whether in person or by proxy. Accurate and timely information should be available to the stockholders to enable them to make a sound judgment on all matters brought to their attention for consideration and approval.

Although all stockholders should be treated equally or without discrimination, the Board should give minority stockholders the right to propose the holding of meetings and the items for discussion in the agenda that relate directly to the business of the Corporation.


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